1K milestone reached

My precious readers!

I decided to honor reaching a new milestone, i.e. 1K likes on my Facebook Artist Page, by creating a new post!

And I thought, what better way to show joy other than with a drop of red?

As you may all have already found out, I passed the blind auditions at The Voice of Romania aaaaand we’re preparing for the battles!

This Friday, November 13th, you can watch me “fight” for my dream! And I can assure you it will be interesting!


The picture below shows my natural state of mind. I have truly mastered the art of smiling. I am a happy human being, with a (usually very good) sense of humor.

I’ll keep this article short and simple:

I am happy because one of my biggest dreams came true, something I had been dreaming about for years now. Sounds like a cliché, and I bet I’m not the first, nor the last one to say these things, but after all, are clichés so bad?
Dreams do come true, you only need to believe in yourself, your talent and your power, and to have enough courage to do so! ( It sure takes a lot of courage to go to this show, trust me! )

But it’s all worth the trouble. I definitely turned my life around and I regret nothing.


This was really, really cheesy, I am sorry, but I felt the need to share it!

BTW, you can like my page riiiiiiight here:

Delia Pitu Artist Page

postarenoua2 copy

I am wearing :

Zara Pants

Zara Shirt

H&M Hat

Stradivarius Glasses

D’ambrosio Shoes (don’t know the brand – that’s the store)

Ziggo Jacket

Furla Bag


Yours truly,

Delia Anastasia 


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