In The Studio – Part Gangsta

Mornin’, my lovely readers, who I haven’t seen around in a while (totally my fault, not yours – I’m the lazy one not posting). I come bearing news!


So, you know how in my last post, I was chattering about my participation at The Voice, and how I was on TV, and this and that? Oh well, seeing me there, an old friend of mine, who’s a professional photographer, remembered that he started his career with me. Yes. I was the first “model” he photographed. So he invited me in his studio ( which is brand new – I must say, I now feel flattered to have been one of the first people to walk in there and do a shooting – funny, right? First model to photograph, first model in the studio – I see a pattern, Mr. Photographer! )

*Also, I just did a radical change of look – see previous posts to notice the difference- I am an effing blonde now! With short hair!*


So, for the shooting I chose 3 outfits – 3 completely different styles that I named Gangsta, Elegant and Funky (being inspired by him – the photographer who was making fun of my super cool Mickey Mouse hat). You’ll see the other outfits in my future posts, so now you HAVE TO stay tuned! 


About this outfit and why I named it GANGSTA:

To be honest, I kind of felt that way. When you do your shooting to Rihanna’s new single WORK, you just can’t feel any other way. Hence the attitude in the pics, lol. (I’m listening to it now, and I’ll probably be listening to it while you read this too) . The look is rough. You just got out of bed, put whatever on, and went to buy milk – to pull that off, you need the attitude. Go show that milk some attitude, LADIES!

The dress (TELL ME YES) and the Mickey Mouse Hat (which I adore, and you’ll probably see very very often in my future posts) I got at Funkers ;
The boots (don’t know if you noticed, but they have handcuffs) are from Alina Ceusan‘s capsule collection for Moja – and they’re called Attitude  too, so..

Before I wrap up this post, I want to disclose the name of this mysterious photographer, who took these gorgeous pictures! Special, thousand thanks to Dan Mihai Lupescu , who did an amazing job, and who you should book for all your future events !



I’m sending you tons of hugs and kisses!


Delia Anastasia


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