Welcome, Spring

Though the weather in Bucharest (my location while writing this) is frightful, these photos are oh, so delightful!



I know what you’re gonna say. Outside’s still raining, and we don’t even have 10 degrees yet, but I am posting fuzzy photos, all dressed up in summer-like colours, wearing pink flowers in my head. HELLO, did you notice it’s Mid-March already? This is a desperate call for some warm weather. I WISH THE RAIN STOPPED AND THE WIND MOVED SOMEWHERE ELSE.


Didn’t plan to take these pictures, to be completely honest. I was actually getting ready to get outside and take some shots of another outfit. And while looking through my closet, I came across these socks and was like.. hm that would look good with the long sweater. I’ll throw in some flowers, a pink, cupcake-shaped mug, and I’ll be like ..” Oh, good morning, I woke up like this”. HAHA.NOT. But all in all, it looks cute, right?  *flower power*


NOT TO FORGET. You go out now and buy yourself some clothes in these wonderful, new colours: serenity and rose quartz. These have been officially declared COLORS OF THE YEAR, so they’re definitely a MUST!



Pointless to say what I am wearing.

[Did I just misunderstand the “less is more” concept?]

Sending you love and kisses
[and some warmth, in case you’re also “enjoying” the beautiful weather in Bucharest],

Delia Anastasia


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