Back In Black

Oh, sunny day!
If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love wearing black.
And layers. Lots of layers.
[ as you will probably notice in time ]

Come on.. you know you want to read more…


So, we finally have a sunny day in Vienna after days of continuous, horrifying rain.
So, obviously, I took advantage of it. I usually prepare my posts in advance and I had something else in mind for this post, but I got too excited.

So, I woke up [like this – NOT], put on a fabulous, casual outfit and went to school.
It’s all black, [obviously], and so comfortable. A day-by-day outfit, I would say.

As I was saying..
I love layers. What I have on is a turtleneck, a long blazer, and a leather biker jacket on top!  I do a lot of similar combinations, either with long cardigans [black, white, coloured – it doesn’t matter! ], or similar blazers.
Though it may seem too much, layering might just be that one thing that could make a simple outfit purely fabulous!
So try it yourselves! However, I would suggest you combine long blazers/cardigans only with straight, above the hips jackets, if you want it to look good. (Bomber jackets might not work in this case – depends on how puffy they are)


About the backpack. For a year now, I’ve been totally in love with backpacks. Rommy, comfortable, easy to wear. In case you remember, my first post on this blog features a backpack. [ hello, the cool, metallic one? ]. They’ve also been so IN lately.

I needed a bigger backpack for school, so I found this one at Musette. Just a simple, black, leather backpack. [ I bought it a couple of months ago ]. And just a few days ago, I found these cool stickers at Bershka, specially made for bags. I said, why not, I’ve been in love with patches lately too. Soo.. this came out! It makes it look cuter, and less boring.

You can also buy patches on Amazon, at Stradivarius or at so many other stores, which you can apply on your clothes, bags, hats, caps etc. C R E A T I V I T Y , people!


About the shoes. I’m pretty sure you don’t want me mentioning my love for the Adidas Superstars again.

About the necklaces. It’s my statement piece. I wear this “collar” almost everyday. It breaks, I buy a new one, and so on. It would truly be a tragedy if the day came when my collar broke and I couldn’t find a new one. [So help me God! ]




I am wearing:

Biker Jacket / Zara
Blazer / Urban Outfitters
Turtleneck / Zara
Jeans / Bershka
Sneakers / Adidas
Backpack / Musette + Bershka

Sending you lots of love and kisses,

Delia Anastasia


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