Midi Skirt Part Two

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I keep wanting to say “Damn, Daniel”. It just got into my head, lol.
Back at it with the MIDI SKIRTS!
As I was saying two posts ago, I had prepared another outfit with a super cute midi skirt.
And let me tell you all about it…


BAE ( before anything else ) : I really wish the weather in Vienna gave us, bloggers, a chance to show more of our cool outfits. I am really sick of wearing trench coats. Luckily, I took shots of this outfit when it was warmer outside.
(Just kidding, I took off my jacket just to look fabulous af)

About the skirt: There’s another thing you should know about me. My mom is also a fashionista of her generation. Sure, we don’t like the same stuff (and that causes a lot of argue), but we do have one thing in common: we both like to dress nicely.
So I love going shopping with her. Not only because I don’t have to pay a cent, but also because she sees value in some things I would never even consider. Like this midi skirt.
She showed it to me saying “This would look really nice on you, and you have a lot of things that would go well with it”, and I was like “I don’t like it, it’s boring”…oh, until she made me try it on. And then all of these ideas popped into my head. Crop tops, sneakers, biker boots, shirts – casual, office, chic, sporty. This skirt has a lot of functions, you know?!
Conclusion: Never disobey your fabulous, crazy, fashionista mom.

About the sneakers: I’ve heard a lot of people say about these sneakers that they’re weird, kitschy, ugly ( woooh, slow down) and so on. SAY WHAT, NOW? Not only are these sneakers absolutely fabulous, they also resemble a lot of the trendy, branded sneakers (see Nike, Adidas), except they’re from Zara. (I’m surprised my mom liked them. Trust me, it really was surprising). I love the fact that they have a thick sole and that tiny golden detail.
These are sort of like my superstars. Go well with almost everything.

About the clutch: Fèline. Oh yeah, ROAR. Once in a while, you should take a look at ZALANDO ‘s offers. I got this at only 10€, on sale. And it looks really, really cute on so many things. Especially if you’re going for an all-black outfit, or, as I am wearing here, darker colours, this clutch would be the perfect drop of color! (Not to mention it goes perfectly with the hat! )




I am wearing:

Sneakers / Zara
Skirt / Zara
Sweater / *No idea what brand it is*
Bag / Zalando.at
Necklace / Zara
Hat / H&M

Sending you lots of looooove and kisses,

Delia Anastasia


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