Suit Up

Gooooooooood morning, world!
I’ve been waiting so long for this post/outfit!
Pinky swear!


I don’t even know where to start. Browsing through WordPress a couple of days ago, I found a post featuring this suit, and thought immediately ” I HAVE TO HAVE THIS”. So after a job interview last Friday, I went directly to Zara. And to my surprise, the suit was a perfect fit !
I never thought I’d be wearing a pink suit. This trend really got to me. I fell in love with these two colours I was telling you about some time ago – rose quartz and serenity blue. I even told my friends, I think pink suits me so well. Considering it was never really my colour, imagine their reaction!
How would you react if your close friend, who you know for sure is more the glam rock type, told you she HAS TO have something in pink?!







I thought a lot about what shoes to wear with this suit. Sure, it’d look good with some stilettos, or even some cute, fancy flat shoes everyone is so crazy about now. But then again, I need to leave my mark on it. So I wore it with sneakers.
After deciding I was going to wear it with sneakers, I couldn’t decide between these ones and the Superstars. Superstars make it look more hipster-like. With these white babies, I feel like a rapper superstar. #SWAGGER [this makes me want to listen to Kanye].


Also, I love the wet look hairstyle.
I wish you could’ve seen my improved make-up skills too.
*sad face*


Now about the location. You must have noticed by now the uber cool backgrounds. Mhm. The photos were taken at some cool spots along the channel in Vienna – some of you might know the location as Schwedenplatz. I have to admit, it felt pretty weird being photographed with all those people walking by. Especially because it’s Easter for the Catholics, and everyone takes the chance to enjoy the weather. [finally warmer!]
By the way, Happy Easter to all those celebrating it now!


I have to give credits to my amazing photographer, who’s also my friend and my roomie, Andreea! She’s taken some amazing shots, and helped me a lot with the visuals – she’s a soon to be an amazingly talented ARCHITECT, d’oh. To see some of her amazing work, click here:





For those who want to go for a more office look, here are some options I put together:

collage suitup

[all pieces are from Zara, Spring 2016 collection ]

I really, really want you to tell me what you think about the suit and the combo!
How would you wear it?

I am wearing:

Suit / Zara
T-shirt / Zara
Sneakers / Zara
Bag / Musette
Sunglasses / Ray-Ban

As usual, I am sending you tons of kisses and love,

Delia Anastasia


15 thoughts on “Suit Up

  1. It’s like this pink suit was made for you. The color is amazing against your skin!

    Also, I love that you picked the sneakers over heels! i definitely would have gone that route.


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