The Fashionista Tee

Spring Break is over!
And I am going back to school!
Scroll down to see what I’ve been up to this spring break!


Haven’t done much, tbh. Unless you count the pages I’ve been writing for my Bachelor Thesis, or the homework that’s been stressing me out for the past couple of days. That is pretty much how I spent my spring break. Also, partied. Like, a lot. Because why not?!

I’ve always thought, it is really important to find the perfect balance between having fun/ going out, and studying. I’ve managed to achieve such a balance, which allowed me to have amazing college years. Sure, less sleep and dark rings around my eyes, BUT tons of memories and adventures that I’ll always remember so dearly!

Sure, you might think that maybe the University I attend, or that the Bachelor program I’m doing is chill, or maybe even that the difficulty level of the exams is pretty low, but trust me, IT IS NOT. People at WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) will know what I am talking about. How about learning one month for an accounting exam? And sleepless nights working on projects or trying to remember every single detail written in a 400-pages book?

But it grows on you.


That was completely unrelated to the title of this post, lol. Could this T-shirt be any more suggestive? #fashionista. Love it. I never used to like these plain T-shirts, but lately I’ve been having a thing for them. White T-shirts, black T-shirts, with no more than a catchy message.

Btw, I got this super skirt at a super cool price on ASOS (I think it’s from New Look, actually). It’s amazing for school and work! With that western belt, it definitely looks fabulous! [Notice how I’ve been using this word a lot?]

It’s a simple look, but a chic one, I would say. Simplicity is sometimes the key!


I don’t know why but it kinda bothers me that my blonde doesn’t show in these pics! Got used to being a blondie, but now my hair’s growing so fast *sadface*
What do you think? Do I look better blonde or with my natural color? 




*summing up with a big smile*

I am wearing:

Skirt / New Look (ASOS)
Belt / ASOS
T-shirt / Review (Peek&Cloppenburg)
Sneakers  / Adidas Originals
Jacket / Zara
Sunnies / Prada
Backpack / Topshop

Sending you love and kisses,

Delia Anastasia


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