Easy like a Sunday morning

My lovelies! I woke up today in such a good mood with this song in my head. Faith No More made my day! *You better play the song while you read this post!*


As you can see, today I chose to stay in. Even my iPhone says I’ve had a lazy day. My health app shows that I’ve only moved 82 steps. Shame on me, I’ll hit the gym later, promise!
I’ve been wanting to buy a set like this one for a while, and I’ve had a thing for the Calvin Klein underwear. But I saw this in H&M the other day and I thought, yep, the message suits me better!
*it says “WHO RUN THIS WORLD” *
I’ve had this outfit/photoshoot idea in mind for some time now, but didn’t have the perfect props. Let me know what you think!










Because I didn’t want to bore you completely with my super awesome “I woke up like this” photos, I put together a sweet, colorful collage, with some pieces I really liked and found on some websites. I call this AFFORDABLE FASHION.
I really fell in love with this shoulderless trend, and I found this super cute blouse on BONPRIX (it comes in 4 colors, I might even buy all of them). I would wear this blouse in so many combinations, that my Photoshop would stop working. According to my current mood, the shoulderless blouse would be a perfect match with some boyfriend jeans. These you can find at H&M, at some really good prices. The hair accessory is also from H&M and it is soooo summerish, I love it! The bracelet and the shoes I found also at  BONPRIX (you should really check it out, especially if you live in Austria – some really affordable fab stuff over there). I am myself a big fan of opulent accessories, so when I saw this bracelet, it went directly to my shopping bag! The shoes here match perfectly with the blouse, and they also seem pretty comfortable (therefore wearable at work also, or if you have to walk around all day).
ZALANDO has a long list of affordable fashion items, and transportation is also free (in Austria, at least). Since I’ve been obsessed with backpacks lately, how about a cute, white one for the sunny days?

Perfume/ Dior (Miss Dior Cherie)

Enjoy what’s left of this weekend !

Lots of love and kisses,

Delia Anastasia


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