Chokers and Denim

Ever since the choker’s comeback I can’t stop thinking about the “Emo” period, when it was first considered cool wearing a shoe tie around your neck; when it was actually a clothing item worn by rockers, as a sign of rebellion.

And the plastic, trendsetter one actually reminds me of childhood, when I had an entire set – necklace, bracelet and ring! Oh, the good ol’ times.

Truth be told, this trend really grew on me, and one day I find myself buying three different types of chokers to wear on different occasions. Can’t help it – I’m addicted.


And what better way to bring back my old rocker days but with a denim vest? I really loved the edginess of this one – really brings out my wildness. Got it at CECIL for a really good price! (btw, highly recommend it if you want high quality for your basics)

Also, if you check my last 3 posts you will notice my addiction to denim – skirts, shirts, blazer, vests – I have ’em all! And I love ’em all!


*btw, I think you could easily categorize this outfit as a Festival Look*

– denim, fringes, chokers and round sunnies – the Festival kit 


Also, what do you think about my new hair color? It had gray tendencies when I first had it dyed, but since such an unnatural color won’t stay for long, it turned into this beautiful beige. Also, how do I maintain such a color? I use L’Oreal Silver for gray hair, and it works! I highly recommend it!

cecil4Denim Vest / CECIL
Choker/ Zara
Skirt / Zara
Top / Zara
Sneakers / Adidas


Delia Anastasia


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