Every artist was first an amateur

So, you know how this blog has 2 categories called Fashion and Music? It was about time I posted something in music ( it was about time I posted SOMETHING!)  – it’s really hard to stay a blogger when you have no photographer!

I never really told you anything about this other big love of mine, this other thing that I fell in love with prematurely, at a really young age. It started with drumming on the walls, and recording over stories on the magnetic tape recorder when I was 6. I sang through mid-school as well, but it wasn’t until one magical night at karaoke with my parents (I was 15) when they saw something in me that was worth investing time in. So they took me to singing classes – which I only did for one year. I said f*ck this, I can do it on my own! (disclaimer: I was a stupid, wanna-be-independent kid)

I sang through highschool as well, together with my boyfriend back then. I got to college and in the 3rd year it hit me – I wanna go bigger than this. And you know the whole story here with The Voice of Romania.. (not going to bore you again! )

So what happened this week?

Ok so one day I come home from work, and I decided I’m in the mood for singing. And then inspiration hit me – there was this thing I wanted to try for so long but never actually had the courage or time to do it. I said f*ck it, I’ll stay up the whole night if I have to.

I only needed 4 hours. I quickly recorded the song in Garage Band with my basic recording skills (amateur) then I took a lot of shots listening to the song and put it all together, step by step, in iMovie.

It’s my first time ever doing a “music video” by myself, so I’d say I did a pretty good job. At least I’m proud 🙂

Hope to come back soon with more fashion posts! Stay tuned!
‘Til then… have another cover!


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