Chokers and Denim

Ever since the choker’s comeback I can’t stop thinking about the “Emo” period, when it was first considered cool wearing a shoe tie around your neck; when it was actually a clothing item worn by rockers, as a sign of rebellion.

And the plastic, trendsetter one actually reminds me of childhood, when I had an entire set – necklace, bracelet and ring! Oh, the good ol’ times.

Truth be told, this trend really grew on me, and one day I find myself buying three different types of chokers to wear on different occasions. Can’t help it – I’m addicted.


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Midi Skirt Part Two

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I keep wanting to say “Damn, Daniel”. It just got into my head, lol.
Back at it with the MIDI SKIRTS!
As I was saying two posts ago, I had prepared another outfit with a super cute midi skirt.
And let me tell you all about it…


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In The Studio – Part Funky

This is the last part of the “In The Studio” series. I personally believe that the first photos were the best, some argued that these ones might be the cutest, but hey, you know what they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


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