Ok, ok, so I see how I could apologize again for not posting – which, by the way, I won’t do, because I just know I can’t keep apologizing for this. The reason behind my tight schedule is – and I am finally admitting this to myself as well – work.

THEREFORE – I want to invite to my Instagram page – the place to be.


Y’all know it’s a lot easier to post on Instagram than it is to write a whole post – where you gotta get creative and make up stuff, even if you just took some pics to show off your outfit. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make up a story for every. single. outfit.?!

But rewinding a bit to the Instaconvo – yes, even for followers, Instagram is more accessible than a blog or a website. Because let’s be honest, 80% of you follow fashion blogs to check out the clothes, get inspired on combos, see latest trends.

SO, i suggest we keep in touch on Instagram, and in the meantime, I’ll be taking some really cool shots to share with you.

What do you say?


Delia Anastasia